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Bures boahtin Siidii! - Welcome to Siida!

”Thank you! This was really great!” ”A world-class exhibition”, ”A fantastic museum”...

This feedback given by our visitors is something that we here at Siida can agree on. We are proud of the fact that we have succeeded in creating an information package on Sámi culture and Arctic nature that provides an exciting experience for the visitor. We would also like to welcome you to visit the joint exhibitions of the Sámi Museum and the Nature Centre!

Experiences and expertise

The exhibitions of Siida tell about how Arctic nature and the Sámi, an indigenous people, have adapted to life in extreme conditions. The introductory exhibition of Siida deals with the development of northern nature and culture from the Ice Age to today. The main exhibition introduces the visitor to the special features of life in the north in the context of the cycle of seasons.

To make sure that there is something to see for everyone, these permanent exhibitions are complemented by changing cultural-historical, nature and art exhibitions. In the open-air museum, which is open in summer, the visitor can get acquainted with traditional Sámi dwellings and hunting traps and fishing gear

We will be happy to tell you more about our set of services!

Further Information:
Sari Valkonen, Museum Director, Sámi Museum, tel. +358 (0)40 767 1052, sari.valkonen(at)samimuseum.fi
Kirsi Ukkonen, Nature Centre Manager, Nature Centre, tel. +358 (0)205 64 7746 or +358 (0)400 479 986, kirsi.ukkonen(at)metsa.fi

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