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Siida in terms of architecture

As a museum building, Siida is a modern new building, which was designed for museum purposes; its architectural appearance is functional. The colors and forms of the building suggest a connection to the substance presented in the building.

The exterior form of the Siida Building has been, both horizontally and vertically, designed to adapt to the surrounding modest scenery. The curves of the roof are in line with the shapes of the landscape around the building, and, in the interior, they provide a range of spatial impressions. The protruding, curved eaves also make the building seem less high and contribute to its special character. At the centre line of the building, there is a skylight window which runs through the whole building, making the inner parts of the building feel light and roomy. The frame of the building is made from reinforced concrete and steel and the exterior surfaces mainly from wood.

In the interior, the rooms for the permanent exhibitions are blue as night, while the other facilities are white. In these lighter areas, wood that has been treated with mahogany stain has been used as a contrast to the lightness. In the common areas of the museum, the floors are made of concrete that has been polished and dyed throughout with a terracotta pigment. The ferroconcrete intermediary floor has been cast with the help of a panel formwork, and its lower surface is visible.

Apart from the lighting and the technical furniture of the cafeteria, all the fixed lights of Siida have been designed especially for this building. On the main floor, the indirect general lighting makes use of the curved parts of the roof, using them for reflection.

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