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An exhibition at Siida?

The several changing exhibitions give a rhythm to the cycle of seasons in Siida. In its exhibitions, the Sámi Museum presents Sámi culture, art and handicraft. The changing exhibitions of Metsähallitus deal with Arctic nature .

The exhibitions of the Sámi Museum concentrate on presenting the diverse nature of Sámi culture. The museum produces exhibitions which introduce the public to the world-view, the material world and the immaterial cultural heritage of the Sámi. Sámi handicraft, or duodji, which is based on tradition, has a special place in the exhibitions. The exhibitions also focus on modern art and cinema created in the Sámi community. Now and then, the Sámi Museum also has exhibitions that deal with other indigenous cultures of the world.

The exhibitions arranged by the Nature Centre focus on northern nature and its phenomena and diversity. The theme is approached from the perspective of conservation, environmental education and art that has nature as its motif. Here, it is important to present local experts and masters – without forgetting international and outside perspectives.

The Sámi Museum and the Nature Centre do not hire out facilities for outsiders to arrange exhibitions at Siida. They also retain the right to choose who will have exhibitions in the facilities.

Further information:
Exhibitions of the Sámi Museum: Museum Director Sari Valkonen, tel. +358 (0)40 767 1052, sari.valkonen(at)samimuseum.fi

Exhibitions of the Nature Centre of Metsähallitus: Senior Advisor Pasi Nivasalo, tel. +358 (0)206 39 7749, pasi.nivasalo(at)metsa.fi

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