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By the Arctic Ocean

A photography exhibition shows the life of the land and the sea on the coast of the Varangerfjord and Syltefjord in Norway. The exhibition is also a tribute to the slide film and system camera. Esko Sirjola, a biology teacher from Ivalo, has made excursions to Finnmark ever since the early 1970s. Nature photography is a dear hobby for Sirjola, but it has also benefited his work as a teacher. Organiser: Nature Centre of Metsähallitus

Jun 03, 2010
Sep 26, 2010
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The coast of the Arctic Ocean, a totally different world, is just a three hours’ drive from Siida in Inari. The Arctic Ocean has a grip on Esko Sirjola, and, for long, he has been making excursion to its coast, photographing the sceneries and special species of the area. Sirjola says that he turns into a different man by the sea: his breathing becomes freed there. The open landscape and the breathtaking beauty of the Arctic Ocean and its coast can be felt when looking at Sirjola’s impressive photographs. The exhibition “By the Arctic Ocean” will be opened at Siida on June 4, 2010.

What do we associate the Arctic Ocean with? The cod and the fishing vessels, mountains that abound in birds, and fjords. The exhibition “By the Arctic Ocean” is built around sceneries and species that live on the Arctic Ocean. Sirjola, who is both a photographer and a biologist, sees the sea and the coast as a country of reciprocity between ecosystems and species, but also as a web of causes and effects. In the exhibition, this line of thought is easy to follow, and the spectator is enchanted by the secrets of the fascinating nature of the Arctic Ocean.

In addition to providing a photographic experience, the exhibition “By the Arctic Ocean” focuses on increasing our knowledge of nature and its species.

The exhibition is also a tribute to the slide film and the system camera: the system camera, now 30 years old, still works, and photographs are still shot on slide film. Memories grow sweeter with time, and the same applies to photographs that have been shot on film. Time has coated the colour world of the photographs with a tender patina, conjuring up nostalgic shades in them. The photos have not been retouched; thus, they are genuine recordings of nature and its details.

Esko Sirjola is a retired teacher of biology. In his photography, Sirjola has always had a clear instructional motive: with the help of his photographs, many students from the lower and upper secondary schools of Ivalo have learnt to recognize maritime and coastal species. In addition to being a teacher, Sirjola has promoted conservation in the municipality of Inari by being an active member of the association Inarin luonnonystävät ry, which is a local association of the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation.

The photography exhibition “By the Arctic Ocean” is arranged by the Nature Centre Siida. The exhibition is open for the public at Siida from June 4 to September 26, 2010. In the summer – from June 1 to September 19 – Siida is open every day from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. In the winter season, which begins on September 20, Siida is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (closed on Mondays).

Further information:
Riina Tervo, Senior Advisor, Nature Centre Siida, tel. +358 (0)205 64 7748, e-mail: riina.tervo(at)metsa.fi

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