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"Hey, Bird. Don’t Move for a Moment!"

In the art exhibition of Kati Laitinen and Korinna Korsström-Magga, the motif of the bird is approached freshly and boldly, through a number of materials and techniques. The exhibition “Hey, Bird. Don’t Move for a Moment!” with its sounds, lights, sculpture and paintings brings birds close to the spectator, making us think about the life of the winged ones. Through the bird theme, the artists make us feel the closeness of nature, but they also convey thoughts about humanity and life. In addition to this, the exhibition shows the richness of techniques and skills in the sphere of visual arts.

Oct 14, 2010
Jan 23, 2011
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Kati and Korinna aim at bringing art close to people. We often think of art as something much more difficult than it in fact is. Actually, art can be considered as a visual language that anyone can understand – despite linguistic, cultural and regional differences. The students of the schools of Inari are welcome to participate in the art and environmental wokshops that are arranged in connection with the exhibition. It is also possible to view the exhibition together with the artists at the art courses of the Adult Education Centre of Inari.

Creating the exhibition “Hey, Bird. Don’t Move for a Moment!” is connected with Kati’s and Korinna’s lives and experience of nature in Lapland. Both artists moved and settled in Lapland in the early 1990s. Kati comes from Kerimäki, and Korinna has her roots in Korppoo. Nature is important and dear to them: it is an integral part of their lives and visible also in their work as artists and teachers of Inari Adult Education Centre.

Kati Laitinen is a porcelain painter by profession. With the help of her mother, she started learning china painting already when she was under ten years old. As a child, she also developed a strong connection to nature, as her family lived on a farm and owned a cottage in Punkaharju. Later, china painting became a way of life for her. Guided by many proficient porcelain artists, Kati has found her own style. Her art is a combination of many techniques and versatile and comprehensive skills. Porcelain paintings are often thought to be small works of art that require exactness, but Kati guides, through porcelain painting, the visitor to look at art in new ways.

Korinna Korsström-Magga got her artist’s training at the Free Art School in Helsinki. Art as a profession has been her goal ever since childhood. Art has always been present and considered as important in her family. In 2008, Korinna graduated as an art teacher from the University of Lapland. Art studies have brought new techniques and elements into Korinna’s art. She is fascinated by natural materials, and, for her, composing and creating works of art is a big adventure. In addition to making installations, Korinna continues to paint and draw. Her art is made from the material that she finds most suitable for the idea and motif of each individual work.

The exhibition “Hey, Bird. Don’t Move for a Moment!” is open for the public at Siida from 15 October 2010 to 23 January 2011. The exhibition is arranged by the Nature Centre of Metsähallitus.

More information:
- Korinna Korsström-Magga, tel.int. +358 (0)40 574 9875, email korinna.km(at)gmail.com
- Kati Laitinen, tel.int. +358 (0)50 441 1304, email katilaitiska(at)gmail.com
- Senior Advisor Pasi Nivasalo, Nature Centre Siida, tel.int. +358 (0)205 64 7748, email pasi.nivasalo(at)metsa.fi


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