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The Path of Seasons

The exhibition consists of nature photographs that Tarja A. Länsman has taken in the neighborhood of Utsjoki during different seasons and in a range of weather conditions. Through the photographs, the Path of Seasons takes the spectator from the midnight sun and through the autumn blaze of colors to the blue twilight of the polar night, and finally to the glittering snow drifts and the bubbling brooks of spring.

May 12, 2011
Sep 25, 2011
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In the annual nature photography competition of the association Inarin luonnonystävät (Friends of Nature in Inari), Länsman has been among the three best ones several times, and, in 2010, she received an award in the competition Kuusamo Nature Photo. The exhibition is Tarja A. Länsman’s first bigger photography exhibition; it is also a sales exhibition.

Länsman draws the inspiration for her photography mainly from nature and its lights, shadows, colors and details. The beauty of nature casts a spell on her time after time when she walks in the highlands and river valleys of Utsjoki, in the wild spruce forests of Kainuu, on the coast of the Arctic Ocean, or in the Himalayas. In the midst of nature, the mind finds peace and the priorities of busy life their order. Through her photography, Länsman wants to record and share with the spectators the great and healing effect of nature and experiences in it.

From the wild spruce forests of Kainuu to the fells of Lapland

Photographer Tarja A. Länsman comes originally from Suomussalmi. Life took Länsman already in the days of her youth to Utsjoki, where she found her life’s companion, a Sámi man. They have two children, a girl and a boy. Länsman has lived in Utsjoki since the early 1990s.

With marriage and her new family, Länsman has made the Sámi language and culture a natural part of her identity as an inhabitant of Utsjoki. Her Sámi knowledge also grew deeper during the years that she spent in Kautokeino, Norway, where she studied at the Sámi University College to become a teacher. Länsman has also studied arts at the University of Lapland, and she graduated as a master of arts – in the pedagogy of visual arts – in the spring of 2010. At present, she works as a Sámi-speaking classroom and art teacher in the comprehensive school of Utsjokisuu and in Utsjoki Sámi Upper Secondary School.

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