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The Two Faces of a Fjord: Images and Tones on Varanger Fjord

The exhibition The Two Faces of a Fjord is a picture story about Northern Norway. It has two parts: one that consists of traditional nature photography, and another one, in which the photographs represent creative, layered photography that is very close to art.

May 16, 2015
Every week until Sep 19, 2015
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The same applies to a good work of art: one look is not enough for experiencing it fully, as a work of art has multiple layers and stands up to being viewed several times.

Tuulikki Korhonen and Tarja Paldanius from Oulu are artists who now have added the camera, in addition to the brush, to their tools. Both artists have had photography as a hobby since they were young; they are both also nature enthusiasts. In recent years, they have made trips to Northern Norway and the Varanger Peninsula, drawn by the barren nature and the rich birdlife of the coast.

It is not essential what you see, but what you experience and feel.

The sea with its back-and-forth movement smooths the cliffs and the rocks, making them roundish in shape. It creates art with the help of sand and sea plants. The calm surface of the ocean and the setting sun bring clarity; there is no need for hurrying.

The sea has another face, too. Then, white waves angrily attack the rocks on the shore and the wind drives water off the crest of the wave in the form of a fog. Those photographing waves must watch out that they are not sprayed freezing cold. On the shore, it is hard to get anywhere.

The photographs of the exhibition have the sea in common: it is essentially present in all the pictures. You can sense the ocean in the round form of a rock, in the traces of time on a wall, in the laugh of an oystercatcher and in the glide of an eagle.

Photo: Tuulikki Korhonen

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