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Tuõddri Peeʹrel – Pearls from the Tundra

TThe exhibition introduces the audience to Skolt Sámi culture, handicrafts and traditions. Its fascinating photographs convey the beauty of the surroundings of the Skolt Sámi and the richness of their culture. They show us details of the Skolt Sámi clothing tradition, skilfully crafted objects, and a living Skolt Sámi culture. The exhibition also displays traditional Skolt Sámi handicrafts.

Sep 25, 2015
Every week until Jan 16, 2016
Contact Name Marjo-Riitta Rantamäki
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The Skolt Sámi have a distinct and extremely rich handicraft tradition. Root weaving and the beadwork used for decoration in the traditional clothing are examples of this heritage. The beautiful photography of the exhibition has been created by Tanja Sanila, Tarja Sanila, Satu Moshnikoff, Mervi Karjalainen, Ville-Riiko Fofonoff and Maria Porsanger.

The Skolt Sámi are a small minority of the Sámi that originally inhabited an area in the northeastern parts of the Finnish and Norwegian Lapland and the northwestern part of the Kola Peninsula in Russia. After World War II the Skolt Sámi were settled in the villages of Sevettijärvi, Nellim and Keväjärvi in the municipality of Inari. The number of Skolt Sámi varies at present from 600 to 700, depending on the method of calculation. Both the Skolt Sámi language and culture are now endangered.

The exhibition has been produced in cooperation with the Skolt Sámi Cultural Foundation. The foundation, established in 2008, works to promote and revive the Skolt Sámi language and culture so that they can be passed down to future generations.

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