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Ultimate Winter Birds – A photographic journey with Arctic birds in winter

Over four decades of birding and studying bird behaviour extensively, almost 30 years of serious bird photography and the last ten years of dedicated and driven professional bird photography have given this multi-awarded wildlife photographer a skill set that few can match in bird photography. With his distinctive style, Markus Varesvuo has set eyes on birds, and birds alone, producing fascinating images to his audiences.

Feb 12, 2015
Every week until Apr 19, 2015
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Because birds are fascinating. They are the ultimate aviators, migrators, survivors and here in the north, masters of the winter. 

The journey from a dinosaur, via a specification into a bird-bodied dinosaur, into over a 10,000 different species is a success story that equals that of the Homo sapiens. 

The northern winter is hard. It is a long, dark and cold season with scarcity of food and shelter. It is a wonder that not all birds migrate to more temperate climates! Instead some have opted to specialize and stay in the open expanses, the arctic hills, the taiga forests. 

For a photographer, winter is a fabulous season. In the north light is especially fine during the short days in the heart of winter, when the sun shines at a low angle creating extraordinarily beautiful light effects, as well as in the late winter’s overindulgence of bright light. 

Photography is Markus’s vehicle for expressing his appreciation of the beautiful, exciting and fabulous moments that he finds in the nature. Behind the images is an endless stream of hours, harsh conditions, perseverance in the face of boredom, failed missions, missed moments and screwed up situations. It is equally true that birds are not always as beautiful, exciting or inspiring as the exhibition might suggest, but the Ultimate Winter birds are carefully selected gems.

Photo: Common guillemots (Uria aalge) fly over northeastern Norway.

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