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Exhibitions at Siida

The exhibitions of Siida deal with the history and culture of the Sámi and nature in the northernmost Lapland. The high-quality permanent exhibitions are complemented by interesting changing exhibitions. The exhibition services of Siida are jointly provided by the Sámi Museum and Metsähallitus.

Permanent Exhibitions

Sámi culture and nature are intertwined, and, at Siida’s exhibitions, they are introduced to the public as one whole. The exhibitions provide a great amount of scientific information but also visual experiences for the visitor. Beautiful photographs, genuine objects and a rich sound world make a visit to the exhibitions an experience that appeals to many senses.
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Introductory exhibition

The introductory exhibition presents the development of northern nature and culture as a timeline, which is also interlaced with world history. The exhibition also introduces the visitor to the indigenous peoples of the Arctic and the reindeer-herding peoples of Northern Eurasia, as well as the evolution of the Sámi languages. The objects of the introductory exhibition are connected with the archaeological history of the region.

Main exhibition

In the main exhibition of Siida, the sections dealing with nature in Northern Lapland and Sámi culture are placed one within the other. The exhibition focuses on survival strategies in the extreme conditions of the north and the demands of the cycle of seasons. The cultural section gives the visitor an idea of the elements that the ethnicity and the present identity of the Sámi are made of. The section on nature describes the cycle of seasons and the phenomena connected with it in Northern Lapland.

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