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Northern Lapland is an excellent destination for an educational visit: you can learn about Sámi culture and Arctic nature at the same time. Siida guides groups of schoolchildren and students to the sources of knowledge and insight based on experiences.
Page Museum pedagogy at Siida
The pedagogical program of Siida is based on the pedagogical thinking and narrative tradition of the Sámi. The narrative tradition plays an important role in passing down traditional knowledge from one generation to another. Knowledge and skills have also been passed down by doing. The guiding and teaching products of the Sámi Museum are based on these methods.
Page The services of the Cultural Interpreter
If needed, the cultural interpreter of the Sámi Museum will help tailor the content and program of a visit to the museum to the needs of the customer.
Page Museum pedagogy: products
The Sámi culture interests both today’s Sámi young people and other people interested in culture. It is the task of the Sámi Museum to provide correct information on Sámi culture. In this work, museum pedagogic and guiding services are an important means of communication.
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