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520 Bohcco - Antonio Briceño

Mar 17, 2015 10:20 AM

Photographer Antonio Briceño from Venezuela has photographed life and people on two photographing trips to Lapland, in 2009 and 2010. The photograph exhibition 520 Bohcco – 520 Reindeer will be opened at Sámimuseum Siida March 26th 2015.

520 Bohcco - Antonio Briceño

Antonio Briceño

The photographs of the exhibition 520 Bohcco tell about the Sámi, the Arctic conditions of their surroundings, and reindeer. On his trips, Briceño also got interested in the Sámi language and its rich vocabulary and threatened position. Especially, he was impressed by the fact that there are 520 different words in Sámi for “reindeer”.

The exhibition 520 Bohcco is both a visual and linguistic exploration, and thus constitutes an absolute novelty in the art of photography and it was first mounted in Caracas in 2011. At his exhibitions Briceño introduces new themes and techniques in his exhibitions. He has always had the ability to discover other worlds beyond the one that initially appears in his camera’s view-finder. His works show explosive vitality and great respect for the integrity and identity of the people in front of, and behind, the images.

520 Bohcco has now reached its final destination as a generous donation by Antonio Briceño to the Siida Museum and the Sámi people of Finland. The exhibition is at Siida until October 18th, 2015. Antonio is present at the opening of the exhibition on Thursday 26 of March at 18 p.m., the ceremony is free for everyone.

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