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Inari stand at the Matka 2011 Fair provides information about arctic nature and sámi culture

Jan 04, 2011 04:15 PM

This year, the Nordic Travel Fair Matka 2011 will also present an Inari stand, which is run by companies and other actors from the village of Inari and the neighboring villages. At the stand, visitors will be introduced to the nature of Northern Lapland and to Sámi culture, the only indigenous culture in Europe.

The Inari – Aanaar stand, 3 F 25, adds a taste of Arctic nature and Sámi culture to the Matka 2011 fair, which takes place in Helsinki in January. The primary exhibitors at the stand are Siida – Sámi Museum and Nature Centre, Inari Event Lapland, Hotel Korpikartano, Wilderness Hotel Nellim, Lake and Snow Inari, Holiday Village Inari, Inari Reindeer Farm, Youth and Holiday Centre Vasatokka and Sajos. As their special theme, the exhibitors will have Sámi arts and crafts. Thus, there will be, for example, demonstrations at the stand on how Sámi craft is made. In addition to craft demonstrations, visitors to the fair will hear yoiking, and the company Inarin Luonnonporo will be at the site telling about reindeer and reindeer meat.  At the stand, visitors can also participate in a lottery, the prizes of which include a Sagat shoulder bag designed by Seija Ranttila and weekend accommodation for two persons in Inari with activities included.

Unique, diverse natural surroundings and a rich, living Sámi culture make Inari an interesting destination. At the Inari stand, we will tell about the fascinating nature of Inari, for example the wild Lake Inari; we will also tell how visitors can enjoy the fine elements of the area in a genuine way that makes their trip a memorable experience. For example, in 2011 there will be a new ship, MS Inari III, taking travelers on a cruise on Lake Inari. The new ship will be a catamaran-type vessel (Fantan 170) – a real beauty that will have seats for almost 100 travelers.

The Sámi Parliament, again, will introduce the audience at the stand to another ongoing project: the Sámi Cultural Centre Sajos that is being built in the village of Inari. Sajos will be the administrative and cultural centre of the Finnish Sámi; it will also be a congress centre and a venue for a range of events and meetings. The Cultural Centre will be opened in January 2012.

Further information about the Inari – Aanaar stand will be provided by the exhibiting companies and the stand coordinator, Tiina Koivuranta, the Marketing Secretary of the Sámi Museum, tel.  +358 (0)40 822 5285, tiina.koivuranta@samimuseum.fi. The companies can also be found in the fair catalogue of Matka 2011 at www.matkamessut.fi.

Siida - Sámi Museum and Nature Centre, Inarintie 46, FI-99870 Inari, tel. +358 (0)400 898 212, www.siida.fi, siida@samimuseum.fi, siida@metsa.fi

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