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Join the cycle of Eight Seasons through Siida Newsletter

Apr 28, 2013 04:38 PM

The Sámi, “a people of eight seasons”, have based their rhythm of life in the annual cycle of seasons. Siida’s newsletter is published always at the beginning of a new season, eight times a year.

In the Newsletter, we tell about the exhibitions and events taking place at Siida during the period, and the newsletter also contains a description of the season at hand. In Sápmi, the land of the Sámi, there are eight seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter, but also early summer, late summer, early winter and late winter.

The newsletter will also provide you with interesting information on our “theme of the season”. In a short story, we will tell about a topical theme that deals with culture or nature, for example, on the chaga or the white-throated dipper. These “season’s themes” are filed on Siida’s website at http://www.siida.fi/sisalto/lapsille-ja-opiskelijoille/vuodenajan-teema. The theme texts are also an excellent source of information and extra material in teaching!

The newsletter is free and comes in three languages. Subscribe it to your e-mail address – in all the three languages if you want!

In Finnish from: http://www.siida.fi/portal_newsletters/channels/8-vuodenaikaa/subscribe.html

In Sámi from: http://www.siida.fi/portal_newsletters/channels/8-jagiiggi/subscribe.html

In English from: http://www.siida.fi/portal_newsletters/channels/8-seasons/subscribe.html

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