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Lapland’s Dark Heritage project gives lectures in Siida

Aug 06, 2018 11:18 AM

The researchers of the project Lapland’s Dark Heritage – which has already visited Inari a few times – welcome the public to a lecture night in Siida. The Lecture Night will be held in Siida’s auditorium on Tuesday 14 August 2018 from 5 p.m. onwards. During the two-hour event, we will hear about both local and more distant archaeology from different points of views. The occasion is free for everyone.

Lapland’s Dark Heritage project gives lectures in Siida

Volunteers at a hole at the Hyljelahti excavation site, August 2017. Photographer: Mirkka Hekkurainen.

The evening will start with Vesa-Pekka Herva, Professor of Archaeology from the University of Oulu, and Dr Oula Seitsonen from the University of Helsinki, telling about how military-historical archaeological fieldwork has progressed in the region of Inari; they will also tell about other news related to Lapland’s Dark Heritage project. After them, Dr Eerika Koskinen-Koivisto from the University of Jyväskylä will give a short speech on how the dark heritage is being made visible in museums. Both addresses will be in Finnish.

After this, there will be two lectures. First, Suzie Thomas, Professor of Cultural Heritage from the University of Helsinki, and Anna Wessman, Archaeologist and Head Researcher of the Finnish Archaeological Finds Recording Linked Open Database (SuALT) project will introduce the audience to this project, which is working on a linked database on archaeological finds in Finland. They will be followed by Conflict Archaeologist, Dr Iain Banks from the University of Glasgow; the title of his lecture is “Life in the Bag”. This address deals with the lives of German war prisoners in the Cultybraggan POW camp in Scotland. The lecture will be given in English.

For imperative reasons, the list of speakers may change. The event will also be attended by other researchers of the project, and the audience can discuss things briefly with them after the lectures. The project will not arrange open excavations this year. The purpose of the visit to Inari is to keep up old connections and make field trips to new destinations in the region.

You are most welcome to the Lecture Night!


Further information:

Vesa-Pekka Herva

Professor of Archaeology, University of Oulu

+358 40 588 3717



Oula Seitsonen

Researcher, University of Helsinki


Sámi museum, Siida, Inarintie 46, FI-99870 Inari, tel. +358 (0)400 898 212, siida@samimuseum.fi, www.siida.fi

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