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Raittijärvi – the village of Kaijukka, photographs about life in the Sámi village over a span of forty years

Oct 10, 2016 07:25 AM

The newest temporary exhibition of Sámi museum Siida is Raittijärvi – The Village of Kaijukka, which will be available for public in Inari October 16th 2016–March 12th 2017. The beautiful photography of Jyrki Kallio-Koski tells about life in the Sámi village of Raittijärvi over a span of forty years. The dialogue between man and nature recorded into the photos is genuine and most touching.

The ways and the world-view of the inhabitants of Raittijärvi have tempted Kallio-Koski to record the villagers, their everyday lives and how the reindeer-herding way of life is passed from one generation to another.

“The exhibition is a homage to the villagers and their way of life.” Jyrki Kallio-Koski

The location of Raittijärvi is one of the special features of the village. The community is situated in the northernmost part of the municipality of Enontekiö, in the Käsivarsi Wilderness Area in the north-western part of Finland. You can reach the village by taking a 40-kilometre simple road either with a snowmobile in winter or an ATV in summer. Earlier, the only way to get to the village was to ski or walk. The life of the village is based on reindeer and reindeer herding. There are about ten houses in the community, and they are inhabited according to the seasonal migration pattern of herding. But the village is never completely deserted, as there is always someone staying in one of the houses.

The exhibition is an unique opportunity to familiarize with everyday-life of Raittijärvi village!


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