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Siida Shop’s diverse selection

Mar 18, 2014 11:12 AM

In addition to exhibitions, the guidance and permit services of Metsähallitus and the collection services of the Sámi Museum, you will also find Siida Shop in Siida. At the shop, you can easily get souvenirs and presents both for yourself and a friend.

Siida Shop is a museum and nature shop with a wide range of products that have been carefully selected.  At Siida Shop’s museum shop, you can find literature by Sámi and on Sámi culture, Sámi handicrafts – or duodji – and Sámi music. The products of Siida Shop’s nature shop focus on nature: there are books, but also logo products of destinations of excursions in the area, local food, and maps which are so important for outdoor enthusiasts.

Siida Shop has also put special effort on creating a unique product selection. Some of the products are sold only at Siida Shop, and, in developing these products, attention has been paid to the quality and functionality of the products – without forgetting Sámi culture and the nature of the north. For example, the Tiuhta products designed by Essi Ranttila can only be bought at Siida Shop. The ornamentation of the products has been inspired by the traditional decorations used in Sámi shoe laces. The Tiuhta selection consists of a t-shirt, a calendar and a notebook that all have a Tiuhta decoration on them. Essi Ranttila is a young designer from Inari, who has also worked at the customer service of Siida.

At Siida Shop, the Nature Centre has also unique handmade knives on sale. The knife selection contains knives of well-known Finnish knife makers such as Marttiini and Iisakki Järvenpää, but also unique knifes by local knife makers. For example, you can buy traditional Riekko knives by Antti Gröndahl from Ivalo at Siida Shop. Gröndahl’s Puukkopaja Riekkopuukot uses curly birch and birch bark in the knives. The knives that are on sale at Siida are all meant to be used, so they are both practical and extremely beautiful.

In addition to a variety of handicrafts made by local craftspeople, you can find for example jewellery by silversmith Tytti Bräysy at Siida Shop. When making a set of jewellery that consists of a pair of eardrops and a pendant, she has drawn inspiration from the silver treasure found at Nanguniemi in 2003. At Siida Shop, you can also buy pieces of jewellery designed by her that have plants and animals living in the north as their theme.

In addition to souvenirs and literature, you can find beautiful and unique silverwork made by several silversmiths at Siida Shop.

Siida Shop at the Sámi Museum and Nature Centre Siida is a place worth visiting. Every year, we add new products to our selection, so you might want to follow Siida's Facebook page. You are sure to find presents and nice memories of your visit to Siida among our carefully selected products. A visit to Siida Shop adds to the nice experience of visiting Siida’s exhibitions.

Metsähallitus Nature Centre, Siida, Inarintie 46, FI-99870 Inari, tel. +358 (0)206 39 7740, siida@metsa.fi, www.siida.fi, www.luontoon.fi

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