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The Open-air Museum

In the open-air museum, which is open in summer, the visitor can get acquainted with a range of Sámi dwellings and hunting and fishing methods. Among the unique attractions are, for example, the original buildings of the farmyard of the Tirro Farm.

The log buildings that were moved to the open-air premises in 1960 from the community Tirro represent the way the Sámi who owned a homestead lived in the 1800s. Another extraordinary building to visit is the Mirham Hut, a court house that was moved to the premises from the borderland of Inari and Kittilä. The cabin was used for legal proceedings up until 1905. The walls of the cabin are filled with writings that have been engraved by the ones who waited for the decisions of the court in the cabin.

The path that leads through the premises of the open-air museum is approximately 800 meters long. On the path, visitors can acquaint themselves with almost 50 display items. In addition to log buildings, the museum shows a range of movable Sámi lodges, tents and sod huts, as well as different kinds of storage buildings and hunting traps. Another interesting area to visit is the gold prospector’s cabin on the creek that runs through the museum premises. The exhibition shelter of the open-air museum contains the boats, sleds and other equipment needed in moving and transportation that the Sámi Museum has.

A dwelling place of the stone age

We know that people lived on Lake Inari, on the museum premises where the River Juutua flows into the lake, as early as prehistoric times, in the Stone Age and the Early Metal Age some 6,000 – 2,000 years ago. In the archaeological excavations that have been conducted in the area of the open-air museum, remains and findings that tell about the life of a hunting and fishing population have been found. The findings include sites of dwellings and hearths, as well as different kinds of tools and pieces of ceramics and burned bone. The area is protected under the Antiquities Act.

Open-Air Museum's Mobile Guide

The Mobile Guide is made to complement the guiding texts of the Open-Air museum. This Mobile Guide of Open-Air museum contains extra information on the Open-Air Museum’s history and exhibits. The Guide represents 12 points of interest to which we have given extra life through archive photos, videos and recordings. These points have been marked with signs of QR codes. To explore the Mobile Guide You need a smartphone or a tablet accompanied by QR-code reader.

Siida’s Mobile Guide will be available in North Sámi, Finnish and English. You can also explore the Mobile Guide from this link.

The Mobile Guide of the Open-Air Museum is part of the projectThe Open-Air Museum Now! which has received financing from the Finnish National Board of Antiquities.

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