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Cultural Environment Unit

The Cultural Environment Unit is responsible for expert and official duties in the Sámi Area in matters dealing with the archaeological cultural heritage and the built cultural environment. The Cultural Environment Unit of the Sámi Museum Siida was founded in 2011 through project financing. The operations became a permanent part of Siida’s activities on 1 March 2015. The Unit has two employees: an archaeologist and a researcher.

The official duties concerning the archaeological cultural heritage of the Sámi Area were transferred to the Sámi Museum in accordance with a co-operation agreement between the National Board of Antiquities and the Sámi Museum in 2011. The tasks of the archaeologist include matters concerning the protection of ancient monuments and sites, archaeological research such as excavations and the inventory of ancient monuments, and informing the public on and spotlighting the archaeological cultural heritage. This heritage has to be taken into account in, for example, land use planning, forest management, and other uses of land.

As concerns the built cultural environment, the official duties in the Sámi Area were transferred to Siida in March 2016. The researcher is responsible for the official and expert duties connected with, for example, land use planning in the sphere of the built cultural environment of the Sámi Area. The Museum works in close co-operation with Lapland’s Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY) and the National Board of Antiquities when dealing with subsidies for the repair of cultural-historically valuable buildings.

Archaeological cultural heritage
Archaeological research focuses on structures that have been preserved on land and in water, on strata, and on objects created hundreds or thousands of years ago as a result of human activity.

Built cultural environment
Built cultural environment means buildings and structures, but also the history of land use and construction, as well as the way this history has come about.

Architectural heritage
Architectural heritage is mainly a synonym for the built cultural environment; sometimes the term refers to old buildings in particular.

Contact information:

Museum as authority: kirjaamo@samimuseum.fi

Archaeologist Eija Ojanlatva, eija.ojanlatva@samimuseum.fi, Tel. +358(0)40 167 6145

Researcher Päivi Magga, paivi.magga@samimuseum.fi, Tel. +358(0)40 180 1501

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