Siida’s Open-Air Museum

Our Open-Air Museum has much to view. The museum area’s trail is approximately 800-metres-long and in the shape of a reindeer herder’s lasso. Along the trail visitors can view around 50 buildings and structures, which are grouped by their cultural area and their intended use. The displays tell about the cultural heritage, architectural heritage and livelihoods of Finland’s three Sámi cultures.

The Open-Air Museum’s trail is accessible by wheelchair and with a pram in summer and autumn. The area is protected under the Antiquities Act. Visitors should only walk along marked and sheltered trails.

Read more about the Open-Air Museum and its exhibition or book a guided tour.

Snowy open-air museum

Opening hours

The Open-Air Museum is open according to the Sámi Museum’s opening hours. At other times, you can view the area, if weather conditions allow for this, but the buildings are closed due to security.
If you visit the Open-Air Museum in winter, you should take into consideration the prevailing conditions and proper clothing. Tips on suitable clothing for winter time on the Visit Finland website.

Mobile guide

We have designed basic signposts for the Open-Air Museum to supplement the mobile guide. These include information on the Open-Air Museum’s history and its different displays. The mobile guide’s archive photos, videos and recordings bring the 12 Open-Air Museum displays to life. We have marked the displays with signposts with the QR code for the specific display’s materials.
The guide is available in Northern Sámi, Finnish and English. Have a look at the Open-Air Museum’s mobile guide.