Customer Service at Nature Centre Siida provides maps, advice, permits and licences for travellers

We at Nature Centre Siida’s Customer Service provide answers to questions related to hiking, travel, permits and licences in Lapland’s most northern areas the municipalities of Inari and Utsjoki. We help in finding the best destinations and trails for your individual needs and provide guidance on safe hiking. We have the most current and accurate information on the area’s off-road conditions, the level of demand of different trails and on campfire sites and wilderness huts. Our comprehensive range of maps include hiking trail and terrain maps of the Northern Lapland region. When you stop by to ask for last minute tips, you can also submit notification with us that you are going to hike in the area.

Services for hikers and wilderness trekkers

The Metsähallitus-maintained customer service point at Nature Centre Siida is the perfect starting point for a short local hike, a fishing excursion or a longer wilderness trek. Finland’s most magnificent hiking destinations including Lemmenjoki National Park and Kevo Strict Nature Reserve as well as the extensive wilderness areas of Hammastunturi, Vätsäri, Muotkatunturi, Kaldoaivi and Paistunturi are located less than an hour’s drive from Nature Centre Siida. Inari Hiking Area, which is located in the area surrounding Inari Village, offers hikers on day-trips distinctive local trails and memorable sights.

The bubbling River Juutuanjoki flows into wilderness lake Inarijärvi just in front of Siida. The lake is a dream destination for those travelling by boat or canoe and for those who fish. Our customer service provides information on the hiking services and nature in these areas. At our customer service point, you can also reserve a Metsähallitus-owned rental hut and pick up the keys for rental huts located in the Northern Lapland region.

Permits for fishing, hunting and off-road traffic

Lake Inarijärvi, the River Juutuanjoki, the River Näätämöjoki and numerous fell lakes in the region’s wilderness areas are dream destinations for fishermen. You can purchase fishing permits for these magnificent bodies of water at our Customer Service point. Additionally, we also provide services related to hunting and off-road traffic licences.

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