Siida’s guided tours flesh out the exhibition experience

A guided tour adds detail to your visit at our exhibition. You can select a guided tour of our permanent exhibition or our Open-Air Museum or one of our themed guided tours. We recommend guided tours especially for groups. Our guides are trained and language-proficient freelancers. All guided tours must be booked in advance.

Permanent Exhibition Tour

Visitors can get a more in-depth and detailed understanding of Siida’s permanent exhibition if they tour the exhibition with a guide. A guided tour will provide more information content and visitors will have the opportunity to ask questions directly from the guide.

Duration: 1 h Time has been reserved for questions and discussion.
Languages: Finnish, English, French, Russian, Spanish and Swedish
2023: 120 € / group
2024: 130 €/ group on Mon-Sat, on Sundays or Public Holiday 165 € / group.

Guided tour of the Open-Air Museum

What was used as chewing gum in ancient times? What were past birdhouses like? During the Open-Air Museum tour visitors learn about Inari’s 10,000-year history. Fishing and hunting were essential for survival in ancient times. The guide will tell visitors interesting facts about the open-air museum’s buildings and structures, which showcase Finland’s three different Sámi cultures.

Duration: 1 h
Languages: Finnish, English, Spanish, Swedish and French
2023: 120 € / group
2024: 130 €/ group on Mon-Sat, on Sundays or Public Holiday 165 € / group.

Themed tour of open-air museum in Tirro’s farmyard

The themed tour of the Open-Air Museum takes visitors back 150 years in time to when Inari comprised of just a few small buildings and life revolved around the region’s eight seasons. Tirro Farm had both reindeer and cows at that time. People at that time made their living from fishing, hunting, collecting and keeping small farm plots.

The tour can also include an activity during which visitors craft a weight for a fishing net under the guide’s direction.

Duration: 1 h
Languages: Finnish, English, Spanish and French
2023: 130 € / group
2024: 140 €/ group on Mon-Sat, on Sundays or Public Holiday 165 € / group.

Guided tour + program 160€/group on Mon – Sat (on Sundays or Public Holiday 195 € / group)+ 5€ payment for materials per person.
This guided tour is available in summer season 1.6.-30.9.


Inquiries and bookings for guided tours

Siida Customer Service, tel. +358 (0)400 898 212, siida(at)

Before booking a guided tour please read our terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions for group tours of Siida

  • Price of guided tour does not include price of admission.
  • Group size: Max. 25 people/guide
  • Guided tours must be booked in advance and confirmed by Siida Customer Service.
  • Guided tours start at the confirmed time.
  • A guided tour can be cancelled two days prior to the reserved time at no charge. A reserved guided tour will be charged in full if it not cancelled by this deadline.
  • The guide will arrive 15 minutes before the tour begins.
  • If the group is late, the guide will wait for at most 30 minutes from the time the booking has started and the guided tour will end according to the original timetable.
  • If a group wants a guide to wait for longer and give them the full-length tour, the group will be charged 35 euros per each new hour. The guide can wait, if he or she does not have other commitments.