Welcome to Siida’s events

The Sámi Museum and Nature Centre Siida is a central event location in Inari. Every year, we organize events related to Sámi culture and northern nature in various languages.

In Sámi museum’s public and community events we showcase the material and immaterial cultural heritage of the Sámi, based on our collections. Focus of the community work is to actively involve the Sámi communities. Public work of the Sámi museum includes events produced by the museum and also events produced in collaboration with others. Cultural heritage education is an important part of Sámi museum’s work.

The goal of Metsähallitus Nature Services’ nature education is to increase appreciation for nature and for other people who move in nature. We implement nature education in Sámi in the Upper Lapland Nature Centre Siida in all Sámi languages spoken in Finland.

Restaurant Sarrit hosts their own events, and you can host your private event in the restaurant as well. Please contact the restaurant directly: tel. +358 (0)40 700 6485, ravintola(at)sarrit.inet.fi

Upcoming events