Siida Shop

Siida Shop is a museum shop. The shop’s products related to Sámi culture and Lapland’s nature are the perfect items to add to your visit.

Our extensive and high-quality range of products include Sámi handicrafts i.e. Duodji, gifts, jewellery, textiles and music. On the bookshelf of Siida Shop you’ll find literature on nature and Sámi culture in many languages (in English, French, German, Japanese, Chinese). We sell books in the Inari, Skolt and Northern Sámi languages.

Distinctive products from around the Sámi Homeland

We comply with the principles of ethical tourism and trade in the procurement of the products we sell. Our selection includes many products related to local culture from artisans and designers around the Sámi Homeland. We often have a very limited number of pieces of jewellery and handicrafts we sell. We guarantee that our products will be authentic and distinctive souvenirs and gifts.

Maps for wilderness trekkers

Our range of products also includes a comprehensive collection of maps that cover Finnish Lapland’s best trekking destinations as well as trails that cross over the border into Norway and Sweden. If you are setting off on a wilderness trek Siida Shop is a good place to take a breaks and add to your supplies.

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Siida Shop does not have an online store. However, you can view our products on Instagram, and order museum shop’s products via email from siidashop(at) Products are only shipped to Finland.

Welcome to Siida Shop!

Our skilled staff will be happy to help you find what you are looking for and give more information on our products


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