Metso, jonka nokalla on sääskiä.

Capercaillie of the Taiga forests


The kingbird of the old forests, capercaillie, has always had a special place in the heart of Martti Rikkonen, who is a nature photographer from Inari. Capercaillie of the Taiga forests -exhibition takes the visitors to the lands and lek areas of the capercaillie. It shows the largest hen bird in our forests as the target of a nature photographer’s camera as well as of a hunter’s gun.

In Rikkonen’s pictures, Metso is a northern taiga specialist, a survivor, which adapts to harsh and changing conditions. It is also known for its spectacular spring lek.

Rikkonen has had time to accumulate encounters with the capercaillie over many decades, as he has been photographing the species since 1986. The exhibition consists of photographs taken in the northernmost habitats of the species, in the coniferous forests of Inari.

The exhibition is organized by Northern Lapland Nature Centre Siida and it was produced by the Hunting Museum of Finland.