Expansion and renovation of Siida-building

The Siida building that opened in 1998 will be renovated and expanded 2020 – 2022, with the new parts housing the Sámi Museum Collections Unit and the restaurant.  The larger, renovated Siida and the new exhibition will open in April 2022.

Extension phase 1.5.2020 – 31.3.2021

During the extension phase you can visit Siida as now. The customer service, Siida Shop, tourist information and restaurant Sarrit serve as before.

The Sámi Museum Collections Unit will be built to the Northern end of Siida-building and restaurant to the Southern end.

We will also renew the opening hours for winter season in the beginning of year 2021. In future Siida is closed on Sundays instead of Mondays.

Siida is open 1.1.2021 onward:
1.1. – 31.5.2021 Mon-Sat at 10-17 and Sun closed
1.6. – 30.9.2021 every day at 9 – 18

Renovation phase 1.4.2021 – 31.3.2022

The Siida Building will be closed for a year for the renovation phase in April 2021, but we serve during the entire renovation phase and you can visit the enriched open-air museum.

During this renovation phase Siida will be renovated and new permanent exhibitions will be built. In the end we will have more spacious lobby and modern offices. In future all Siida’s exhibitions are situated in the first floor, as the former restaurant will be turned into exhibition gallery.

During the time, when Siida-building is closed, you will find customer service, Siida Shop and tourist info in temporary buildings next to Siida. Restaurant serves in the new restaurant wing. The open-air museum is open for visitors.

During this phase we offer tickets in reduced prices. The opening hours during this winter season are a bit shorter.

The renewed Siida will open in 1.4.2022

News release

Siida’s extension confirmed: Senate Properties has made an investment decision


Siida’s extension confirmed: Senate Properties has made an investment decision

The Sámi Museum and Northern Lapland Nature Centre Siida will be renovated and extended in 2020–2022. As the owner of the Siida Building, Senate Properties has, through a decision by its Board of Directors, made an investment decision on the extension project on 18 December 2019. The Sámi Museum Foundation is the main tenant of the Siida Building, and the...

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