Fairy tale exhibition about the Outdoor Etiquette


An artist, children´s author and cartoonist Ninka Reittu has written and illustrated five Outdoor Etiquette stories for children. The purpose of the fairy tales is to inspire children into the nature, and at the same time to tell them how to respect the nature and other hikers while moving around in the nature. The fairy tales will also be translated into the Sami languages.

The Outdoor Etiquette helps the hikers to appreciate the nature. The Etiquette is designed to make the life easier, both in everyday life and during the party times. Important basics are respect for nature, moving around, camping, firefighting and litter-free hiking – when You have understood these rules, You are ready to hike in the nature.

“I don’t see all the stars that the map says should be seen now. It’s like there’s a curtain in the sky between me and them. Myrsky said upset.

– It’s true, it’s called light pollution. Saana said knowingly from her hammock.

– Gross. Myrsky huffed. “How do you get rid of it?”

With a fairy tale book Park & Wildlife Finalnd wants to ensure that the future generations are raised for nature-respective hiking and attracts interest and love for nature, which carries up to adulthood.

The exhibition is organised by Northern Lapland Nature Centre Siida.