Šäigg – Root Echo sound installation

In Sevettijärvi 30.6-18.7. and 23.7.-15.9.2019 and in Nellim 19.-21.7.2019

Šäigg is a collection of newly recorded stories, experiences and leu’dd from Nellim, Keväjärvi and Sevettijärvi. Voices are echoed from within fallen trees, buildings and birdhouse for a goldeneye etc., taking the listener on a journey from one voice to the next.

Narrators have chosen what and how to voice something about the common themes of home, roots and culture. The recordings were born in various ways, for example out of conversations, monologues shared in the moment and by remembering stories told by previous generations. The languages heard in the installation are Skolt Sámi and Finnish but the atmosphere of the voices can be reached beyond language barriers. In addition to human languages, also the sounds of the environment become part of the listening: insects, birdsong, passing vehicles and rest of the surrounding life mix with the recordings. Skolt Sámi life is here and now.

Šäigg is part of 70th anniversary program celebrating the Skolt Sámi settlement in Keväjärvi, Nellim and Sevettijärvi. The installation can be heard in Sevettijärvi in the forest in behind Skolt Sámi heritage House and in Nellim in the yard of Darja’s cottage for the duration of one weekend.

In Sevettijärvi at Skolt Sámi Heritage House yard, Sevettijärventie 9041
Opening on Saturday 29.6. klo 15.00-18.00
Open: 30.6.-18.7. at 10-17.00 and 23.7.-15.9.2019 at 10-17.00

In Nellim at Darja’s cottage yard, Käärmeniementie 4
Open: 19.7. at 16.00-20.00, 20.7. at 10-20 and 21.7. at 12.00-18.00

The diverse Šäigg working group in collaboration with Skolt Sámi Cultural Foundation and Sámi Museum Siida.
The project is supported by Arts Promotion Centre Taike.