Online exhibitions

Are you looking for information on the Finnish Sámi? Take a look at the online exhibitions!

Anarâš – The Inari Sámi

The webs page tells about the history and the culture of the Inari Sámi. The abundant information package has been produced in cooperation with Anarâskielâ servi, the Inari Sámi language association. The web page is available in Inari Sámi, Finnish and English.

Go to the Anarâš – Inari Sámi online exhibition

Sää’mjie’llem – The Skolt Sámi

The web page contains information on the history and the customs of the Skolt Sámi in Skolt Sámi, Finnish and English.

Go to the Sää’mjie’llem – Skolt Sámi online exhibition


The Eatnanšaddu web page tells about the wild plants used by the Sámi, the environments they grow in and the ways in which they are used. The plant database contains information on approximately 50 wild plants.

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