Changing Winter

17.11.2019 - 3.5.2020

The exhibition helps the visitor to combine existing information about the winter of northern Finland, its animals and landscapes, to the knowledge of the future and to perceive the changes caused by global warming to the northern winter.

The changing winter looks like the winter as we know it, making substantial that which is likely to disappear, and it will raise up those visible changes that are already noticeable. The cutlines of Changing winter capture the climate change as a phenomenon, aiming at concretizing the adverse effects of warming that are difficult to perceive. The Changing Winter -project illustrates the changes reflecting new phenomena in familiar winter enchantments.

The photos of the exhibition are taken by three professional nature photographers of Finland. Bird photos are taken by Markus Varesvuo, landscape photos by Jarmo Manninen and animal photos by Ville Heikkinen. The author of the inscriptions of the exhibition is L.Phil, biologist Pertti Koskimies.