A rich assortment of information on northern Finland’s nature and the Sámi culture

The exhibition designed jointly by the Sámi Museum and Nature Centre Siida, which are located in the heart of Finland’s largest protected areas and the Sámi Homeland, presents Northern Lapland’s nature and Sámi culture. The nature portion of Siida’s main exhibition details how life and nature have adapted to the extreme northern conditions. We take visitors on a journey through the changing seasons and show how animal and plant species utilise their habitat’s challenging conditions. Siida’s main exhibition nature theme and Sámi culture section linkup with one another to form a whole.

We organise temporary exhibitions and events related to the special characteristics of northern nature, nature conservation, environmental education and nature photography. Our guided hikes focus on biodiversity and the cultural history of the surrounding area. Take a look at our guided tours and temporary exhibitions.