So many kin in my heart – Aune Huhtamella’s life’s work

6.2.2024 – 29.9.2024

Aune Kaarina Huhtamella (née Magga, 1931–2013) was highly respected by her family as a maker of Sámi handicraft who clothed both her nine siblings and other relatives from an early age.

The exhibition shows Sámi clothing created by Aune Huhtamella to tell stories about Sámi families, crafting and the meaning of the traditional clothing both in everyday life and during celebrations. The exhibition guides the visitor to the heart of what it means to be Sámi: making Sámi clothes means taking care; it is a pulsating expression of love for one’s family that will carry one through the stormy sea of life. The story is complemented by poems from Aune’s sister’s (Rita Kumpulainen; née Magga) book of poetry Kullankutoja (“The Weaver if Gold”, 2016).