Vasen puoli värikuvaa mäntymetsässä kulkevasta polusta, jolla kulkee ihminene. Oikealla puolella mustavalkoinen kuva samannäköisestä paikasta. Myös siinä on plku ja ihminen.

Following Erkki Mikkola’s footsteps – Landscapes 100 years ago and today


How has our environment changed in 100 years? We will find out when we place next to each other photographs taken from the same landscape 100 years ago and today. The photograph exhibition shows the landscapes that Erkki Mikkola immortalized a century ago and the same objects that Tapio Tynys photographed over the last few years.

Geographer, geologist and photographer Erkki Mikkola photographed Inari and Utsjoki region and Sompio villages in the 1920s and 1930s. Photographers Tapio Tynys from Ivalo found the pictures in the -digital archive, and he was excited to find and photograph the same sceneries together with Pertti Turunen.

Finding the places that Mikkola photographed has been an adventure and partly detective work. Pairs of pictures tell how human activity and the current warm climate period have changed the landscape.

The exhibition is organised by the Upper Lapland Nature Centre Siida.