God’s Children – Duodji Textiles in Space


The exhibition is Maarit Magga’s second artistic production of her doctoral thesis on duodji (Sámi craft), which she is doing for the Faculty of Art and Design at the University of Lapland. Magga works as a doctoral researcher of duodji at the Sámi University of Applied Sciences. 

God’s Children – Duodji Textiles in Space is the second exhibition of Magga’s artistic research on duodji (Sámi craft). It consists of the duodji textiles she has made for Hetta Church in her home region Enontekiö. 

“My textiles are based on duodji, the Sámi view of beauty, harmony and suitability. My works of duodji are characterised by such themes as simplicity – that less is more – and decorative minimalism, both rising from my notion of beauty. I convey a tradition, adapting my skill to new types of works, in the context of a public space”, Magga explains. 


I leave room for thoughts. 

I let the plan live, 


until I see it in my soul. 

I understand, 

make my vision come true. 

Maarit Magga 


The exhibition is on display simultaneously with Magga’s previous exhibition “Sámi Ceremonies”. The exhibition is open at the Sámi Museum and Nature Centre Siida in Inari 21.1.2021 – 30.4.2021.The exhibition has been produced by the Sámi Museum Siida. 


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