Senate Properties has chosen the construction company Rekonen Ltd as the main entrepreneur for Siida’s extension

The renovation and extension project of the Sámi Museum and Northern Lapland Nature Centre Siida progresses as planned. The Senate Properties, which is the developer of the project, and Rekonen Ltd, which has been chosen the main entrepreneur of the extension, signed a contract on the construction on 11 May 2020. Construction will start immediately.

The Siida Building – inaugurated in 1998 – is renovated to meet the needs of an increased number of operations and higher visitor numbers. In the project, Siida will get museum and nature centre premises that fulfil modern demands both technically and operationally. The extension parts will cover approximately 1400 m², increasing Siida’s area by about 50 per cent.

The renovation and extension project will be carried out in two phases. The fresh competitive tendering for the contract concerned the first phase of the project, in which the Sámi Museum gets new collection facilities and a restaurant wing. With an extension of the Collections Unit, the new facilities will enable the Museum to continue as a national museum responsible for its special field. After the project, the Museum will receive a repatriation of the Sámi Collection of the Finnish National Museum (more than 2000 artefacts). A repatriation of this size is noteworthy even internationally. During the extension phase, Siida will continue serving its customers as usually.

The second phase of the construction project, starting in June 2021, will entail renovating Siida’s working facilities and repairing and carrying out construction, HVAC and electrotechnical repair and renovation measures. The main focus will be on securing good indoor conditions, on lighting, on acoustics and security solutions and on energy efficiency.

The Sámi Museum and Nature Centre and the restaurant will serve customers throughout the project, using the new wings as their temporary facilities. Siida with its new facilities and permanent exhibitions will be opened on 1 April 2022.

The architectural design of Siida’s extension has been entrusted to Architects Soini & Horto Ltd from Helsinki, with Senate Properties as the developer. LVI-Vanhatalo Oy will be the HVAC entrepreneur and Keskus-Veljet Oy the electrical entrepreneur of the project.

The Senate Properties’ Board of Directors decided to invest in the project in December 2019. The Sámi Museum Foundation is the main tenant of the Siida Building, and it sublets parts of the house to the Northern Lapland Nature Centre of Metsähallitus and to Restaurant Sarrit.

Further information:
Senate Properties: Miikka Teppo, Construction Manager, tel. +358 40 180 0929


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