Ruskea karhu keskellä vihreää kasvillisuutta. Oikeassa reunassa männyn runko.

Presentation: Brown bear population and management in Northern Norway

Monday 24th October at 6 pm.

Advisor Victoria Gonzalez from NIBIO research institute will introduce the brown bear as a species. She will also present how the brown bears are managed with the help of DNA-analyses in Norway.

DNA is the molecule inside cells that contains the genetic information responsible for the development and function of an organism. DNA molecules allow this information to be passed from one generation to the next.

NIBIO is one of the largest research institutes in Norway. They contribute to food security and safety, sustainable resource management, innovation and value creation through research and knowledge production. NIBIO has a high technology DNA laboratory in the village of Svanvik in Norway.

Before the lecture to the public Victoria Gonzalez will run a bear DNA-laboratory workshop for the upper level pupils from Inari and Sevettijärvi schools.

The presentation will be held in English.

Tickets 8€/adults, free entrance for children under 18 years.