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The Sámi Museum Foundation

The purpose of the Sámi Museum Foundation is to promote and enhance the national culture of the Sámi. It does so primarily by running and supervising the Sámi Museum and its activities, by working together with other actors in the museum sector in the Sámi Area, in Finland and internationally, and by promoting scientific research in the sphere of Sámi culture and by making its results known more widely.

The registered office of the foundation is located in Inari, and it is managed and represented by a Board of Trustees, the eight members of which are elected for four years at a time. At least four of the members must be Finnish citizens who are Sámi by birth.

The Sámi Museum Foundation owns the artifact, photograph, reference book and art collections, the open-air museum premises and the archives of the Sámi Museum. It can receive donations and legacies and increase its property in other means but through business activities. The property and assets of the foundation must be used for the development of the Sámi Museum.

In case of dissolution of the foundation, its assets are to be used as the Board of Trustees decides in such a manner that the maintenance of the museum collection is ensured (the rules of the Sámi Museum Foundation, Article 14, November 25, 2003).

Most of the financing for the Sámi Museum comes from the Ministry of Education and Culture. The municipality of Inari also grants the Museum discretionary funds every year. The Sámi Museum has a Museum Director who leads the daily operations of the museum. The museum has a staff of 12 permanent employees.

More information:
Sari Valkonen, Museum Director, tel. +358 (0)40 767 1052, sari.valkonen(at)samimuseum.fi

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