Siida’s new website: five languages, a fresh look and tickets online

The Sámi Museum and Northern Lapland Nature Centre Siida is heading for great changes: an extension, renovations, the renewal of exhibitions and transfers of collections. Before this, we will shake off the dust from Siida’s website. We have now improved the website with a fresh look, the website is now mobile optimised and available in five languages. Furthermore, tickets for our exhibitions can now be bought online.

Siida’s new website works in five languages. In addition to the earlier Finnish, English and North Sámi languages, we now offer the website also in Inari and Skolt Sámi. We use all the three Sámi languages spoken in Finland every day at Siida, for example in activities dealing with museum and nature education, exhibitions and projects. Therefore, we also want to spotlight the Sámi languages on our website and to promote their use.

With the renewed website, Siida will board the new train of tourism sales by starting to sell tickets online too. Here, we are among the first ones amid Finnish museum and nature centres. You can now buy tickets to Siida in advance at our online shop at As means of payment, you can use Finnish Internet banking and most credit cards. When you arrive at Siida, you will still be met by our customer service representatives, who will provide you with information on the exhibitions and the services available at Siida.

To celebrate the Sámi Language Week, the new website of the Sámi Museum and Nature Centre Siida and Restaurant Sarrit will be launched on Thursday 24 October 2019. The website has been created by Advertising Kioski.

Further information:

Sales and Marketing Minna Väisänen
tel. +358 40 581 6434,

Edited October 29th 2020: Siida’s online-ticket sales system is changing. Online sale of tickets is now closed, and will reopen for summer 2021.